In our factory we produce high quality TIG-welded stainless steel tubes from 8.0 mm up to 406.4 mm and with wall thicknesses from 0.5 mm up to 6.0 mm. In our enlarged product portfolio we produce as well water pipes according the common EN-norms. In addition to round, square and rectangular tubes we also manufacture oval tubes and special tubes according drawing.With our very modern stainless steel manufacturing site we are strategically well equipped to guarantee all the goods in high quality, workable lead times and top-prices!

In our own factories we produce a wide range of stainless steel bars and stainless steel tubes in high quality for several used and as well for the high-end-sector with all necessary certificates. We can offer any stainless steel product according your requirements. Our main products are stainless steel bars and stainless steel tubes in 1.4034/420, 1.4021/420, 1.4104/430F, 1.4016/430, 1.4301/304, 1.4307/304L, 1.4305/303, 1.4401/316, 1.4404/316L, 1.4571/316Ti and 2205 Duplex for any industrial application. Furthermore we also can produce our products in various other alloys according your requirements.

important facts about our factory

Capacity: 26’000 metric tons per year

Number of welding lines: 24

Number of polishing lines: 10

Number of annealing lines: 6

Standards: DIN EN 10296-2, DIN EN 10305-5, DIN EN 10217-7, DIN EN 10357, DIN 11850, EN ISO 1127, ASTM A554, ASTM A249, ASTM A269, ASTM A270, ASTM A312, SMS 3008, SME BPE

Main materials: 1.4301/304, 1.4307/304L, 1.4301/304//1.4307/304L, 1.4401/316, 1.4404/316L, (other stainless steel qualities on request)


In addition to the standard products and sizes we also offer special shape tubes and special tubes with mechanical treatment as surface treatment (e. g. grit polished K180 – K800), pickling and annealing. Especially we highlight against other suppliers that we can produce tubes in lengths with very narrow length tolerances with -0/+1 mm laser cutting and in individual lengths up to 12.0 m.