We continuously invest in our production to always be up to date with the latest technology and to meet market requirements. Investments in renewable energies with a long-term design are at the top of our list. It is important to us to be able to produce in a sustainable and cost-effective manner. This way we ensure that we can optimally serve the market with our products, both ecologically and economically.

Investment opportunities

An investment in a healthy company with a long-term focus can be very profitable in the medium to long term. The financial markets, especially the stock markets for listed companies, are very volatile and carry a great deal of risk. Since the events of the last three years, it is no longer possible to plan. Savings deposits at banks no longer bring what they once did on a long-term basis. For this reason, many private individuals, but also institutional companies, are using other and more modern options to generate a moderate interest rate for their invested capital, be it short-, medium- or even long-term.


Therefore, we are now offering investment opportunities for astrinas in the form of participation certificates. This participation has participation rights in the economic success of our company and earns above-average interest in the form of dividends or even super dividends.

What is the interest rate? What exactly do you get? When will it be paid?

The dividend is 5% of the paid-in capital or the reported amount of each participation certificate. The paid-in capital of each participation is summarized and transferred quarterly to the share capital (increase share capital), which automatically results in a better rating and thus a higher creditworthiness.

Can it also be paid out?

Participants are not entitled to vote. The participation certificates can be sold to third parties or to us at any time.

We will gladly inform you about the details, just ask us.


We are also now offering investment opportunities in astrinas in the form of short, medium, and long-term loans. We divide these loans into normal loans (short-term loans) and mezzanine (medium to long-term loans). Loans are classified as short-term debt on the balance sheet, whereas mezzanine is valued as equity.


Both types of loans, whether credit or mezzanine, have above-average interest rates. These forms of investments are very popular in crowdlending. The number of financial intermediaries, especially in crowdlending, has increased massively in the last five to six years and has now become a billion-dollar business. Private individuals and companies borrow capital alternately for their financing, unlike traditional business loans or an overdraft facility from banks.


Appropriate collateral is provided for the loans. There is no standard version, since each loan offer must be individually evaluated according to the sum, term, amortization, interest, security, etc. It is a great advantage to invest directly in us in the form of a loan, as there are no costs for the financial intermediaries and this amount then benefits the lender.

We would be happy to inform you about the details, just ask us.

Note: We are not a bank and not a financial intermediary.