In our own factories we produce a wide range of stainless steel bars and stainless steel tubes in high quality for several used and as well for the high-end-sector with all necessary certificates. We can offer any stainless steel product according your requirements. Our main products are stainless steel bars and stainless steel tubes in 1.4034/420, 1.4021/420, 1.4104/430F, 1.4016/430, 1.4301/304, 1.4307/304L, 1.4305/303, 1.4401/316, 1.4404/316L, 1.4571/316Ti and 2205 Duplex for any industrial application. Furthermore we also can produce our products in various other alloys according your requirements.

In our factory we have newly invested in in new manufacturing equipment to be more competitive and faster as before. We produce every standard normed stainless steel product according the international standards. Our main products are stainless steel round bars, flat bars and angle bars in the most common stainless steel qualities for every industrial application. Furthermore we can produce as well in other stainless steel alloys according your requirements. 

With our very modern stainless steel manufacturing site we are strategically well equipped to guarantee all the goods in high quality, workable lead times and top-prices!

important facts about our factory

Capacity: 15’000 metric tons per year

Number of casting furnaces: 4

Number of polishing lines: 2

Number of cold drawing lines: 2

Number of mould workshops: 1

Standards: DIN EN 10088-2/-3, DIN EN 10278 h9/h11, DIN EN 10056-1/-2, DIN EN 10048, DIN EN 10056-2, DIN EN 10058, ASTM A276, ASTM A484, ASTM A479, ASTM A564, ASTM A582

Main materials: 1.4301/304, 1.4307/304L, 1.4301/304//1.4307/304L, 1.4305/303, 1.4401/316, 1.4404/316L, 1.4571/316Ti, 2205 Duplex (other stainless steel qualities on request)


Furthermore we offer various mechanical and surface treatment such as cutting, polishing, annealing and pickling for all our own manufactured products.