Aluminium ExtruDED

With our modern aluminium manufacturing sites we are strategically well equipped to guarantee all the goods in high quality, best lead times and workable prices. In addition to the manufacturing of aluminium products in the reliable and highest quality we also focus on a good, stable and professional packaging for the products and therefore we offer different packaging styles of the requested packaging. For us nothing is special, we say the customer’s standard is as also our standard.

We offer a wide range of aluminium extruded profiles. In addition to the common FLUTZ-profiles we also produce customized individual profiles in the most common aluminium alloys. 

In our product portfolio we newly also can produce heavy compressible aluminium profiles which we produce in the required aluminium alloy, size and length.

Due to our own casting for the aluminium billets and our own mould construction we have a big advantage to fulfill highest performance in the requirements of our customers.

important facts about our factory

Capacity: 38’000 metric tons per year

Number of extrusion machines: 18 up to 1’800 tons

Number of casting furnaces: 8

Number of colouring lines: 4

Number of oxidation lines: 3

Number of electrophoresis lines: 3

Number of mould workshops: 2

Standards: DIN EN 573-3, DIN EN 755-1/-2/-5

Main aluminium alloys: 6060, 6061, 6063, 6082 (other aluminium alloys on request)

The main markets are window and door industry, handrail construction, vehicle manufacturing and any industrial purpose sold through international importers, wholesalers and regional traders to their markets.

product spectrum

Maximum production sizes

Square profiles: 290 x 290 mm

Rectangular profiles: 400 x 110 mm

Round profiles: 380 mm

Flat profiles: 450 x 10 mm

Special sizes:

On request according drawing

Furthermore we offer various mechanical and surface treatments for all our own manufactured products and also an individual packaging of our products.