quality & inspection


The quality of our manufactured products is our top priority. Accordingly, we keep investing in new machinery to meet the ever-increasing market requirements.

A few years ago, we intensively promoted environmentally friendly production in our factories and were able to implement the supply of ecological energy with the help of state support. Today we have alternative energies to produce our products, which is not yet very common in Asia.


As stated in our company philosophy, we are mainly interested in medium and long-term business. This allows us to always achieve the best possible quality in all our products. Quality tests of our products during the production process are always guaranteed. We always deliver the products manufactured for our customers with a factory certificate that is recognized according to EU standards. 


For all products according to our product portfolio, we offer independent inspections during the production process before packaging and during loading of the products into containers or trucks. All inspections can be carried out by our own inspection teams or by internationally recognized inspection companies according to customer instructions. 


As an international company, we are ISO certified according to ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015. Every year we passed the audits. The current ISO certificates can be downloaded from the download center.